30,000 Ton 4-Column Hydraulic Forging Press

30,000 Ton 4-Column Hydraulic Forging Press

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Four Columns Movable Cross Piece & Table Slide Top Tool Grip Devise for Hydraulic Expanding of RINGS up to 2,2240 mm Diameter


Stock Number10208
Press force30,000 Ton
Number of cylinders4
Maximum travel of movable cross slide1,250 mm
Maximum distance between table & crosshead4,650 mm
Movable cross piece speed up/down300 mm/sec
Movable cross piece speed working30 mm/sec
Distance between column axes3,500 x 3,500 mm
Distance between column working area2,600 x 2,600 mm
Table dimensions2,500 x 3,000 mm
Table travel3,500 mm
Mandreal diameters250, 350, 450, 710, 1,300 mm
Cone diameters750, 850, 1,100, 1,400, 2,100 mm
Apex angle70 Degree
Mandrel spacing300 - 1,000 mm
Mandrel rotation mechanism20
Angle of rotation6 Degree - 9 Degree
Overall dimensions of press16,140 x 19,570 mm
Height above floor9,290 mm
Distance below floor9,900 mm
Weight of press1,660 Ton
Total weight2,365 Ton/1,660