Duisburg 7,500 Ton Forging Press

Duisburg 7,500 Ton Forging Press

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Repair of Overall Geometry: Replacement of Column 4 Re-Machining of Columns 1-3 Machining & Pre-Stressing of the Heap Table & Replacement of Slide Rails Replacement of Mobile Gantry Guide Rings Repair of the Press Actuators: Replacement of 2 Cylinders & Retrofit of the Third Cylinder Replacement of 3 Guide Rings + Seals Piston Grinding Repair of Support Columns Links (1 New + 2 Modified) Repair of the Hydraulic System of the Press: Replacement of the 3 Valves New HP & LP Pipes at the Top of the Press Electro-Hydraulic Control System for Forging and the Heap Main Improvements: Work Station Ergonomics Centralized Greasing Installation of Stress Gauges Supervision of Machine Pre-Stressing A New Hydraulic System


Stock Number10228
Number of columns4
Number of cylinders3
Nominal force80 MN
Upsetting force90 MN
1 cylinder27 MN
2 cylinder54 MN
3 cylinder80 MN
Working pressure - at force 60 mn26.6 Mpa
Working pressure - upsetting force 75 mn30 Mpa
Cylinder diameter1,130 mm
Stroke2,500 mm
Vertical daylight6,150 mm
Pitch between columns - in working centerline5,000 mm
Pitch between columns - perpendicular2,500 mm
Internal width - inside columns with protection4,200 mm
Press height - at ground level13,370 mm
Press height - full height18,060 mm
Usable area - l x w3,000 x 9,180 mm
Speeds - approach speed300 mm/s
Speeds - return speed500 mm/s