1500 Open Die Free Forging Press

1500 Open Die Free Forging Press

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Tool Shifting Device – Stroke 4,000 mm / 157.5″ Top Die Clamping Device – 20 Ton Die Magazine Device – Stroke 3,300 mm / 130″


Stock Number10462
Press typeFour Column Push Down Oil Hydraulic System
Nominal force (static working pressure of 320 bar)1,500 Tons
Daylight2,250 mm
Stroke of movable cross head1,500 mm
Max working pressure300 kg/cm2
Cylinder ram diameter1 Set - 800 mm
Return cylinder ram diameter2 Sets - 135 mm
Moving table size (w x l)2,000 x 4,000 mm
Movable table stroke2,000 mm
Height above floor / depth9,450 mm / 2,540 mm
Moving table speed50 - 300 mm/sec
Moving table power60 Ton
Moving table cylinder diameter1 x 2 Sets - 160 mm
Return power85 Ton
Return stroke1,500 mm
Approaching speed300 mm/sec
Forging speed (~150 kg/cm2)56 mm/sec
Forging speed (150~300 kg/cm256~20 mm/sec
Return speed300 mm/sec
Hydraulic main pump3 Sets Rexroth Plunger Pump A7VO500LRD
Electric main motor3 Sets 160 kW 440V - 480 kW
Main tank volume15,000 Liter
Aux tank volume3,000 Liter
Total volume1,740 L/min
Column typeStraight Side Frame Type
Column materialSS400
Column front distance2,400 mm
Column side distance2,000 mm
Column fron inside distance2,400 mm
Column side inside distance1,000 mm