Innse 2200 x 11-125 CNC Heavy Duty Horizontal Lathe

Innse 2200 x 11-125 CNC Heavy Duty Horizontal Lathe

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Overhaul work on every functional mechanical part New Coolant Unit X,Z Axis Slide Cover Overhaul Hydraulic Unit Retrofit including most of functional parts replacement Replacement of Hydraulic Pipe Lines Steady Rest Retrofit Including Screw Replacement & New Parts


Model2200 x 11-125
Stock Number10107
Between centers11,000 mm
Capacity between centers125 Ton
Swing over bed2,800 mm
Swing over slide2,200 mm
Chuck diameter1,750 mm
Center height1,500 mm
Chucking diameter300 - 1,320 mm
Spindle speed - 3 ranges0.8 - 160 RPM
Main spindle drive power176 kW
Headstock torque118 KNM
Cutting force200 KNM
Z axis feed rate6,000 mm/min
X axis feed rate2,500 mm/min
Bed width2,800 mm
Approximate machine weight227,000 kg
Machine dimensions19,456 x 5,842 x 2,590 mm