Niles Simmons 5-Axis Heavy Duty N50MC / 6000 CNC Slant Bed Milling Center – 4 Longitudinal Guideways

Niles Simmons 5-Axis Heavy Duty N50MC / 6000 CNC Slant Bed Milling Center – 4 Longitudinal Guideways

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Siemens 840D Power Line CNC Control Chip Conveyor C-Axis Indexing – 0.001 Degree 3 x NC Steady Rest Slides 96 Position Automatic Tool Changer Position Tool Monitoring for Wear & Breakage Tool Life Monitoring Sister Tool Call Internal Coolant / External Coolant Coolant Pump 80 bar Oil Mist Filtration System – 2 Units Clear View Rotating Window Cleaning of the Chuck & Centers Automatic Front Doors Large Amount of Tooling


ManufacturerNiles Simmons
ModelN50MC / 6000
Stock Number10664
Between centers6,000 mm
Swing over bed1,300 mm
Swing over slide1,250 mm
Chuck diameter630 mm
Tailstock diameter240 mm
Live spindle speed3,500 rpm
X axis travel1,070 mm
Z axis travel8,070 mm
Y axis travel-400 / +395 mm
Spindle bore225 mm
Spindle bearing diameter360 mm
B axis head swiveling range-105 Degree / +95 Degree
B axis resolution0.001 Degree
Cutting feeds - x0.1 - 12,000 mm/min
Cutting feeds - z0.1 - 24,000 mm/min
Cutting feeds - y0.05 - 12,000 mm/min
Cutting feeds - c0 - 50 rpm
Rapid feeds - x12,000 mm/min
Rapid feeds - z24,000 mm/min
Rapid feeds - y12,000 mm/min
Rapid feeds - b180 Deg/Sec
Rapid feeds - c50 rpm
Feed force - x25 KN
Feed force - z30 KN
Feed force - y20 KN
Spindle noseDIN 55026 B20
Spindle drive motor rating78 / 87 kW
Spindle speed, max10 - 1244 rpm
Gear steps2
Spindle torque9880 Nm
Spindle indexing, c axis0.001 Degree
Holding torque, max5000 Nm
Speed range0 - 50 rpm
Torque, max5000 Nm
Spindle diameter in front bearing110 mm
Tool taperHSK A100
Cutting force with static tool25 KN
Cutting force with live tool8 KN
Milling spindle motor rating3838 / 48.3 kW
Milling spindle torque, max678 Nm
Holding torque clamped on b-axis8000 Nm
Holding torque on b axis as nc-axis1000 Nm
Holding torque clamped on tool spindle1350 Nm
Clamping force hsk a10075 KN
Tool magazine positions96
Tool diameter - all pockets full125 mm
Diameter adjacent pockets empty200 mm
Tool length600 mm
Tool weight25 kg
Torque at gripper35 Nm
Tailstock quill taperME 80
Tailstock quill stroke300 mm
Clamping force manually set10 - 60 KN
Coolant tank1000 L
Delivery rate40 l/min
Pressure11 bar
Filtration40 um
Band width1,050 mm
Discharge height1,140 mm
Discharge directionRight Side
Steady rest i100 - 450 mm
Steady rest ii100 - 450 mm
Steady rest iii100 - 450 mm
Machine length with chip conveyor17,550 mm
Width (including service platform)3,700 mm
Machine weight65 Ton