Poreba TCF 224-3/2 x 12 M CNC Heavy Duty Lathe

Poreba TCF 224-3/2 x 12 M CNC Heavy Duty Lathe

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1 Pc. Steady Rest – Diameter 700 – 1100 mm 1 Pc. Steady Rest – Diameter 250 – 600 mm 1 Pc. Steady Rest – 400 – 800 mm


ModelTCF 224-3/2 x 12 M
Stock Number10902
Between centers12,000 mm
Capacity between centers30 Ton
Swing over bed2,240 mm
Swing over slide1,800 mm
Chuck diameter1,800 mm
Tailstock diameter280 mm
Spindle speed range0.8 - 400 rpm
Number of spindle speeds3
Weight capacity between centers with 2 steadies40 Ton
Diameter spindle front journal mounted in roller bearings320 mm
Spindle bore105 mm
Jaw clamped diameter230 mm
Bed ways3-Bedway
Bed way width1,600 mm
Bed height600 mm
Longitudinal feeds0.1 - 3,000 mm/min
Cross feeds0.1 - 2,000 mm/rev
Cross slide travel600 mm + 250 mm
Carriage x axisBallscrew
Carriage z axisDouble Pinion & Rack (Poreba System)
Tailstock spindle nose70H6
Barrel advance distance200 mm
Rapid barrel advance speed300 mm/min
Main motor power - siemens100 kW
Rapid feed motor power3 kW
Tailstock motor power1.1 kW
Machine length17,900 mm
Machine weight52 Ton