SHW Uniforce 6L CNC Floor Type Horizontal Milling Machine

SHW Uniforce 6L CNC Floor Type Horizontal Milling Machine

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Rebuilt by OEM in 2017 - New in 2001

Heidenhain TNC 430M CNC Control

66 Position Automatic Universal Milling Head

Head indexing in B-Plane 340 x 1°

Head indexing in C-Plane 180 x 1°

Spindle Speeds (2 Gear Steps) 22 - 4,000 rpm

Floor plate size 6000 x 3000 x 300 mm

Automatic Tool Change in the horizontal position

Tool diameter with/without adjacent tools max. 125 / 250 mm

Tool length max. 400 mm

Tool weight max. 25 kg

Chip conveyor 6000 x 350 x 1250 mm

External electric hand wheel HR 410

Digital feed drives

Main drive AC motor

Direct non-contact measuring via linear scales for high precision production

Coolant system

Coolant through the tools with paper band filtration system

Pump capacity max. 50 l/min at 10 bar

Pump capacity max. 47 l/min at 16 bar

Oil cooling unit to stabilize temperature in the headstock

Automatic level regulation of the headstock

Electro mechanical control via 2 vertical ball screws with separate drives, measuring systems & CNC axes, to ensure a long lasting, accurate, co.-planar and low maintenance travel of the headstock

Operator platform with integrated CNC control panel

Travelling in the X-direction, mounted at the side of the machine column

At the side facing the work area, a door with electrical safety interlock and window is provided


Blow out of the tool taper with compressed air after each tool change

Coolant – Air. Switchover from internal or external coolant supply to air

Ethernet interface

Radio touch probe


ModelUniforce 6L
Stock Number11064
Spindle speeds4,000 rpm
X axis travel6,000 mm
Y axis travel2,600 mm
Z axis travel1,500 mm
Spindle motor power37/53 kW
Taper of toolSK 50 / DIN 69871
Feed speeds X/Y axis2 - 12,000 mm/min
Feed speeds Z axis2 - 15,000 mm/min
Rapid feeds X/Y axis12,000 mm/min
Rapid feeds Z axis15,000 mm/min