Zimmermann FZ 42 CNC Gantry Type Milling Machine

Zimmermann FZ 42 CNC Gantry Type Milling Machine

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Siemens 840D PL CNC Control

Milling Head VH3

B Axis Swivel Angle without Suction ±110°

B Axis Swivel with Suction +35° / -110°

Milling Spindle Power Max Constant 6,000 rpm 60 kW

Torque Max up to 5,000 rpm 95 Nm

Spindle Speed Infinitely Variable 10,000 rpm

Compressed Air

Column clearance width - 6,130 mm

Transverse clear beam height - 6,380 mm 


ModelFZ 42
Stock Number11057
Between columns6,130 mm
Spindle speeds10,000 rpm
X axis travel12,500 mm
Y axis travel5,000 mm
Z axis travel3,500 mm
Feed speed X axis50 m/min
Feed speed Y axis60 m/min
Feed speed Z axis50 m/min
Acceleration max3 m/s²
Reduced milling spindle speed setup mode2,000 rpm
Reduced milling spindle speed operating mode5,000 rpm
C axis swivel speed60 °/sec
Holding torque clamped2,000 Nm
Nominal swivel torque simultaneously1,000 Nm
Reduced feed setup mode2 m/min
Operating mode 5 m/min
Operating voltage400 V
Frequency50 Hz
Nominal current205 kVA
Back up fuse315 A
Control voltage24 V
Short-circuit strength25 KV
Machine width12,000 mm
Machine height12,200 mm
Machine weight249 Ton