Parpas SHARK ONE CNC Travelling Column Milling Machine

Parpas SHARK ONE CNC Travelling Column Milling Machine

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Heidenhain iTNC 530 HSCI CNC Control Digital numerical sequence control for up to nine axes plus spindle, including digital drive control, hard disk memory, 19″ TFT color screen 2-Axis Milling Head – 29 kW – 18,000 rpm – HSK 63A 30 Position Automatic Tool Changer All axis drives with digital drives manufacturer HEIDENHAIN Direct measuring systems for X,Y, and Z axis manufacturer HEIDENHAIN X-, Y- and Z-axis guidance using high-precision linear guides for maximum precision and dynamics Precision ball screw with preloaded nuts in X-, Y- and Z-axis HR 520 Electronic handwheel for operating all axes with display Coolant Equipment with Chip Conveyor Coolant outlet, switchable from coolant to air, at the front of the milling head via manually swiveling nozzles Internal coolant supply, switchable from coolant to air, through the spindle center Tank volume approx. 1,000 L Normal coolant supply 25l/min 5 bar High pressure pump for internal cooling 20 l/min 50 bar Coolant tank incl. Cartridge filter and paper-belt filter system Hinged belt chip conveyor, discharge height approx. 750 mm Fixed Cycles Standard drilling and milling cycles, deep drilling, tapping with and without chuck, milling of slots, rectangular and circular pockets, rectangular and circular studs, boring, drill milling (helical path), roughing, drilling patterns, head swiveling, countersinking, displacement and/or rotation of the coordinate system, Mirroring, Scaling factor also axis-specific, Tool Center Point Management TCPM, Linear interpolation on 5 axes, Circular interpolation on 2 axes and on 3 axes with rotated working plane, Tilting the working plane, Helical interpolation with overlap between arc and linear path, Spline Interpolation to level 3, block execution time for 3-D lines without tool compensation = 0.5ms Interfaces V24/RS-232-C + V11/RS-422, data transmission speed up to max. 115 KB/sec, Fast Ethernet Base T interface with 100 MB/sec, one interface for large data volumes with LSV2 protocol, data input in DIN/ISO or HEIDENHAIN dialog language Programming Functions Polar or Cartesian coordinates, absolute or incremental values, mm/inch change-over Machining with handwheel overlay Direct programming of the spindle speed Parametrics with mathematical functions with variables Graphic mode with 2-D contours also during execution of another NC program teach-in mode tool corrections 3-D tool radius Preview calculation of the contour with radius correction Scale factors also on an independent axis. Mirror image on 3 axes Tool and tool data tables and constant tool path Possibility of program input during machining – also with graphic function Subroutine method and program block repetition Soft contour approach with attachment and separation on tangent line, right-angled and/or tangent circle. Corner rounding function Graphical representation of the machining program or simulation with plan view, 3-level view, 3D view and zoom function, even while other NC programs are being executed. Program check with display of machining time Program block resumption and/or program stop with decoupling and repositioning self-diagnosis function Kinematics Opt Measures the tool center and the CNC calculates the orientation of the static accuracy. The software corrects any space errors and compensates the new position of the tool center with respect to the absolute value. Equipment Machine bed, column and vertical saddle as welded steel construction, annealed with low tension Milling slider as welded steel construction Orthogonal milling head TUB-E92 with motor spindle, C- and A-axis drive via torque motors Oil cooling unit for cooling the milling head CNC thermal compensation Spindle drive 29 kW Spindle speed max. 18.000 rpm Axle drives by means of precision ball screws and digital servo motors Touch probe system manufacturer BLUM, TC 63-30 with radio transmission and automatic measuring cycles Milling head Measurement “Kinematics Opt” Laser tool presetter BLUM – NT version mounted on machine table CNC control HEIDENHAIN iTNC 530 HSCI incl. digital drive technology Portable electronic handwheel HEIDENHAIN HR 520 with 3 m spiral cable swivelling control panel for machine operation in front of the machine Automatic tool changer with 30 magazine places, change position vertical Coolant system with external shower rim and IKZ through the spindle 1 chip conveyor in the working area, ejection right Pretensioned linear guides in all axes Precision ball screws in all axes Hydraulic weight compensation in the vertical axis Bellows cover of the X-axis Milling slide above and below in the vertical axis with bellows covers with attached stainless steel lamellas closed Work area enclosure closed on all sides. Back side of the work area with bellows cover with attached stainless steel lamellas closed. The manual sliding doors on the front of the machine can be opened and closed over the entire length of the table. Safety fencing for the back machine area with two secured access doors


Stock Number10987
X axis longitudinal travel3,500 mm
Y axis cross travel1,083 mm
Z axis vertical travel1,074 mm
Clamping table surface (thread bore with fitting)4,000 x 1,000 mm
X, y, z axis feeds (stepless)2 - 30,000 mm/min
Rapid feed x, y, z axis30 m/min
Spindle drive29 kW
Spindle speed max18,000 rpm
Electrical supply data120 A - 400 V - 50 Hz
Floor space required, approximate8.3 x 6.7 m
Machine height, approximate3.6 m
Machine weight28 Ton