Zayer 20 KC 8000 CNC Traveling Column Milling & Boring Machine

Zayer 20 KC 8000 CNC Traveling Column Milling & Boring Machine

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Heidenhain iTNC 530 CNC Control System with 15” Display Universal Milling Head, program-controlled, swiveling 360 x 1 Deg. in the 90 deg. Plane 144 x 2.5 deg. in the 45 deg. plane, locking by means of Hirth soothing. (Overhaul in March 2019) CNC Rotary Table With Displacement Travel Speed Increased to 4,500 rpm including cooling Unit for Milling Head, Gearbox & Outriggers Vertical Travel Increased to 2,000 mm Cross Travel Increased to 1,500 mm Vertical Travel Via Means Of Ball Screw (80mm dia.) and Preloaded Double Nut Transverse Adjustment Y-Axis By Means Of Ball Screw (80 mm Dia.) and Driven, Pre-Stressed Double Nut. Hand Wheel Heidenhain HR 420 with display and emergency stop button Internal coolant supply (Through The Spindle Cooling) Control Cabinet With Cooling Unit, Fixed To The Machine Stand Spindle Orientation For Main Spindle Coolant device with tank, approx. 1.000 Liter Heat compensation for milling slides for 3 axis Integration W axis into the controller Longitudinal drive X-Axis VIA Rack and 2 Servo Motors, The Drives are Electronically Pre-Tensioned Without Play. Chip conveyor BW fixators Digital drives Operator platform: with protective cover and integrated control panel. User manual / Documentation Machine parameters Preparation for integration of rotary tables and dividing heads, as controlled axis, consisting of feed regulator, electrical system, etc. Zayer guidance system, consisting of hardened or inserted steel strips for the X & Z Axis and recessed, hardened steel strips for the Y Axis. All axes are equipped with INA roller shoes on each tread. In addition, the counter-guides of all axles are coated with plastic for optimal damping. Safety fencing in the rear and side area, light barriers in the front area of the machine. Tool Holder DIN 69871 – ISO 50 Paint RAL 7038 grey & RAL 7043 grey B Machine Parameters


Model20 KC 8000
Stock Number10620
Spindle speeds4,500 rpm
X axis travel8,000 mm
Y axis travel1,500 mm
Z axis travel2,000 mm
Table dimensions1,800 x 1,800 mm
Table capacity25 Ton
W axis travel1,500 mm
B axis table travel360,000 Degree
Table travel1,500 mm
Table turning speed0 - 6.8 rpm
Tool holder taper din 69871ISO 50
Feed, motors digital drive6 - 10,000 mm/min
Feed rapid traverse20,000 mm/min
Tangential torque in the clamped state, approx.50,000 Nm
Centering bore-center100 H7/30 mm deep